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Pure Evil

Tadian Darkfire

Bounty Hunter

This is one of my friends. He will let you know his story.

Profile of Tadian Darkfire

Eyes:Sky Blue

Hair: White

Race: Unknown

Height: 5 Foot 8 inches

Ocupation: Bounty Hunter

Age: Unknown (Between 25 and 30)

Attire: Green and tan tunic Tan leather pants, white silk shirt, blue green protective cloak/cape, bluish leather boots, leather belt, sheaths that hang from the belt, 2 scabbards across his back and a leather sheath tied to his leg.

Weapons: 2 swords made of an unknown metal, rest on his back, but was magma pounded by Azathoth, made with magma from a dragon mountain and holds magic power of dragons, helps in battle. 2 Daggers made of tritainium and platinum and perfectly ballanced for throwing, rest on his belt on the his left side, given to him from The king of his realm, for his first bounty. His fathers dagger, made of brimstone and silver, tied tightly to his left leg, the same dagger held in his fathers hands at the time of his families murder.

Magic: Major and minor healing. Major Damage magic from the lighter side of the scales( ex. Fires of Celephias), Darker magic and chants. (ex. Oblivians fate, traps its victims between life and death.)


1)Enchanted with high speed, able to cause whirl winds in some cases.
2)Strength of a gaint, offered as a blessing when he was born.
Has been lucky in learning each new ability.

Story Behind Tadian

Born Different from other children in his village. He was honored and worshiped because the peaple thought the gods had blessed them with a gift of protection. His strenth as a baby proved well, very few peaple complained about the distruction he caused and he always helped clean his accidental messes. He would help the elders of the village when they needed something and he was always kind. He would not fight with the other children because of his strength alone so they teased him a little growing up.

One day, when he was around 12 or 13 ( his age to him is unknown, he looks older then he is though), He was in the forest hunting for his family when he heard an explotion from his village, running back to his home and watching the sky grow darker with the smoke, and listening to the screams with each step he took. when he reached the village it was up in flames. A man dark in armor lead a small army into his village and was trying to take the Kingdom away. Killing every one that was to be seen on the streets, The young man watch in horror as he watched his father fall to the ground by the man dress so darkly, not knowing what to do he rushed down to aid his father. Looking up at the man, he grabed the hourses ranes and knock the hourse down causing the man to fall. Looking down to his father he watches as his fathers Blade falls from his hand bloodied from his own blood, the man in dark drew his sword and attack while Tadian was turned around, He now has a scar that crosses his back from that day. Tadian fell to the ground and layed still knowing he will get his revenge, Leaviung his eyes open so he could watch and remember the mans face. He watched as his mother was taken and then killed, His anger grew but he could do nothing. After them men left, he knelt next to his father and yelled up to the gods, askign why his life has just changed. the remaining villagers came out and watched as Tadian picked up his fathers dagger and cutting his own hand as a promise to get revenge. Letting his blood drip onto his fathers and mothers bodies, he held the knife by the handle and began to walk out of the village, knowing he would be blamed for not being able to protect it like expected.

A few years had past when he was summond by the king. He walked into the Castle gates and to the kings thrown. He knelt before the king with only a broad sword on his back and a cross bow slung across his shoulder. The king knowing he had become a bounty hunter after what had happened to his family, wanted to mak ehim the royal bounty hunter and protector of the realm. Tadian refused the offer but told the king that he could call apon his services anytime they were need. Apparently the reason for asking him to become the royal bounty hunter was a man was going around and stealling form the kings noblemen, thing rangeing from hourses to gold. Tadian Agreed to catch the man, and bring him back dead or alive. The king agreed and would pay him with special weapons if he were to susceed. The once boy now young man, left the place and came back a day later, with a small man slung over his shoulder, droping the man at the kings feet with a smile. telling the king he was still alive but was knocked out hard. The king claped his hands together and a servent went to Tadian with a red pillow, on the pillow layed 2 daggers each different sizes. The king told Tadian that they were perfectly ballanced blades and they would never break because they were made of a mixed metal of Tritanium and Platinum. accepting the payment Tadian watched the gaurds hall off the limp body, and bowed to the king as he turns the king asked onece again to become the royal bounty hunter/tracker, Tadian shook his head and continued to leave, never to be asked of anything from the king again.

A few years later, He was walking around in the mountians remembering his past and holding the picture he had drawn of the man that killed his family, he fell into a cavern. It was heated like it was near the earths core, when he awoke he saw a man pounding away on his anvil and sparks flying every where. Tadian grunted a little to get the man attittion. the man without turning around said " welcome back to the living, I am Azathoth. I found you in my carver, passed out may I ask what had happened and why you are here." Tadian explained the best he could and the man laughs as Tadian introdused himself and ask him if he would be willing to help him a little. There was a little problem he was hving in his cavern and he would pay to have them removed. Tadian listened as Azathoth explained what was going on. Just knowing a payment was involved Tadian agreed. The man was having trouble with some robbers hiding in his cave, knowing that peaple would be looking for them he didn't want anyone to know where his work shop is. So with a fingure pointed in the direction to find them,Tadian left and went in search of them. He has yet to realize that the cavern he had fallen into was the one of his peaples gods. He started noticing gold piles every were, then the light of day inthe distance. The voices were speaking loudly and laughs of the drunken men. Pulling his broad sword out, holding it waiting for the men to notice him as he gets closer. Noticing the men hadn't notice him, and had desided to leave for another run, Tadian sheaths his weapon and slowly walks outside. seeing the robbers gone, he looks around and sees a bunch of boulders just a bove the enterance. He walks up and looks around the boulders. seeing they are fairly loose apon the area, he walks around them and draws his sword once again. driveing it between a couple of boulders he attempt to pry at them and cause a rock slide. his sword broke into 2 pieces, it was an old sword so it just sped up the time that he was waiting to get a new one. But when his sword broke he fell down and hit a different bolder, falling with the rock he was barried, his cross bow was broken and his shoulder was dislocated. able to crawl out of the only hole he could see, in pain he looks around and sees he is back within the cavern. he starts to walk back to the man that had previously helped him, but slowly. Making a wrong turn he runs into a woman, and he falls to the ground. The woman turning around and looking at the man she helps him to his feet and asks him what had happened. He explained and she said that he should have been quicker. Seing his shoulder looking kinda funny she sets him down on a rock shaped as a chair and sets it back for him, and with one last touch her hands glow brightly. His arm feeling as if it never had been hurt, but she lets the glowing proseed, and she wispers a question of how fast her wishes to be. He replies " as fast as the wind at times m'lady". With his words an explotion of light hits every corner of the area they were in and she tells him he is now that fast. She is weakened a little from the magic she had used but she assures him she will be ok, and directs him to the destination he was previously going. When he walks into the workshop of Azathoth, he stares at the man and explains what he had done, Laughing the man say "good the house of the gods should not be entered in such a fasion anyway, I have let you in because it was an accident and you have help us. Here is your payment for the help and I will help you out." The man hands him to swords and explains the magic power behing them and how they would never be able to be beaten with them or by them. and with a bright light tadian finds himself back in the forest near his old home.

Seeing his old village and wondering if he sould even step foot into it. He desides he needs to pay his respect to his family. He begins towalk slowly into the village, Peaple staring at him, he knows he had been reconized and hopes no one tries o start trouble with him. One woman that he had grown up with, was sweeping of the steps to her home. He only noticed beause she was the one he has a crush on as they grew up. He walks to the grave yard and asks the old man where the Darkfires where barried at. The old Caretaker shows him, and wonders what he had to do with these fine peaple, he slowly explains as he stares down to the head stones. The old man with eyes wide asks abotu what had happened to drive him away, he just stand there and wisper his wishes of being left alone. he kneels next to his mothers grave and begins to cry, wishing he could have done more that day. he lays his hand across her name, as he weeps. Not noticing that the woman had watched him come into the graveyard and had reconized him the moment she had set eyes on him. She walks slowly up to him and lays a hand on his shoulder. He reconizes her touch from whenthey were children and he questions her being so close. Raen replied that she had liked him since they were children and wished he never left, she continued to tell him that the whole village wondered why he had left, they were sad to see him leave and wished he had stayed. He explains to her that he was scared that the village would blame him for not being there to protect them like it was expected of him. she explains that he was young and had no controll over what had happened. Letting his hand fall from the name on the tombstone he stands once again turning and looking deep into her eyes he wisper about being able to read the eyes of others, in his business he had to know the lies from the truths. She grabs his hand and leads him to her place which was just behing where he used to live. she takes him down some hidden stair and shows him that she is the witch of the town, no one knew it and she wished he would keep it to himself. She offered to teach him some stuff that he could use in his travels, he agreed and stayed in the village and help out for a while with things intown, as he would learn his magic on his free time, and he grew very close to Raen and had fallen for her. They would spend their night in eachothers arms and they had become engaged. One night after a few years he heard a noices outside and he looked out the window, seeing his love was no where in there home he walked outside and seen that the village had found out that she was a mage and they have blamed her for some of the resent trouble inthe land, knowing the king woudl be displeased if he found out that one of their village was using magic and was the cause fo the problems (assumed) that the village would be punished. They had driven a dagger into her heart and hung her in the square. he was so angered by what had happened he walk up to the villagers and cut her down , holding her in his arms, his eyes showing the anger for the peaple that once worshiped him, he chanted a little bit and cursed the town. They would never be able to keep anyone in town or be mean to anyone else again, if they did their whole lives would just vanish and be forgotten. He barried raen next to his parrents and went to their home, he went down stares and grabed the whitest book and the blackest book, he would studdy each speel with in each, both contaning the best magic of each side. he walked out to the fron tof the house and raised his hand, a small light grew with in his hand and then the flame appeared lauching it at the house and causing it to explode into flames he turned his back and walk away once again. Losing his home once again and the only love he ever had, he becaume silent and desided to go on the quest to get his vengance.

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