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Confused Protectorite

Profile of Salantra

Eyes: Light Blue (Black when angered)

Hair: Black as Night

Sex: Female

Race: Human/Elf

Height: 5 foot 7 inches

Ocupation: protection

Age: 400 years old

Attire: mostly leather ,knee high leather and silver boots silver armer with sculls on sholders

Weapons: silver and gold daggers on each hip, skulls with magic that will protect her, born with natural powers, Learned powers on many jouneys and body is a usefull tool, a 7 inch silver and gold dagger hiden inside my shirt near my chest..

Magic: Magic that she has comes from her skulls.


1) the abillity to divid in two
2) the abilitie to use dark and light against others
3) Hand to hand combat
4) the abilitie to change herself to match her surounding by thought
5) Time travel
6) Sense of my surrounding (even if I have never been there before)

Story Behind Salantra

400 years ago, she was killed by a deamon God, whom wanted her for himself, He gave her powers of the dark, such as Time travel and the abillity to use dark agenst all whom live in the light and twilight,the Deamon God formed her two diffrent sculls add the magic, to help her do his pidding, and to change herself to match her surounding by thought, hoping she would be his forever. when She refused to be his, he turned her into what you see now. and the powers he let her keep, for he still wants her.


Salantra did not want this, she trys to find the life she wants had, that will never be, the God-of-light seen what has happend, to help her, he gives her the power of light. The abillity to divid in two, and Sense of her surrounding(even if she has never been there before)and the power of light to use against the evel that plegs her, and to protect others.

As she Grows she lerns to fight, from others around her,she lerns Hand to hand combat , she uses it only when needed, Now she has the power to protect those whom need it, and will hurt those whom cross her.

Her soil fights itself, after 400 years she starts to forget, how she became this thing, and why this has happend to her,her anger fills her body, but the hart wont let her go,confused she trys to live what life she has, for this warrior, will protect and fight when she must.

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