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Pure Evil

Pure Evil

Death Mist

Profile of Pure Evil


Hair: White

Sex: Whatever he Chooses ( shapeshifter)

Race:Unknown ( for he is the only one of his race)

Height: 6 Foot 4 inches ( By Choise)

Ocupation: Chaos and Distruction

Age: Unknown (because he was created not born)

Attire: (only in his solid form) knee high leather boots leather pants and leather with feathers shirt, a leather belt with bronze buckles holding his sheath (as his mist) Black mist with Midnight Blue Swirls in it, Red and Purple Lightning

Weapons: Long black bladed sword (about 6 foot long) 3 Crystal Daggers ( hidden apon his body except one he gave to Kirana Raven his Love) And a Soul Seeker ( a battle axe with a black diamond at the head which holds the souls that had been captured with it.)Vials of different types of black potions, hiden in his sleeve on a band wraped around his forarm. Ring of ragroth, controlls the chaos winds and drives any male wearing it insane.(he retreaved it for his wedding.)and his Minions.. Some come from with in his mist and lightening.. Others he will get along the way..

Magic: Any magic that he has comes from his Amulet. Chaos wind, winds that are so powerful to destroy any known and most unknown object and metals.the Red and Purple lightlening that is now apart of him is a mystical magic created by his potions when they broke from his meditation period..

Shadow Baron

((More too Come))


1) To become mist from which he was made
2) Can smell the path of someone
3) Shape shift
4) Hand to hand combat
5) Well use of his vials
6) Able to steal souls and hold them in the black diamond
7) Able to show images to others just by staring in there eyes.
8) Red lightening destroys anythign in its path
9) Purple Lightening summons the menions from deep with inthe chaos mist He is created from
10) The blue mist hold the minions from the deepest parts of hell. and help keep PE true to his name..

Story Behind Pure Evil

Many years in the past in a realm faraway there lived chaos and distruction, the ppl of this realm killed and destroyed whatever they wanted. By the time they destroyed themselves, a mage of the land had called apon the evil spirits to help bring a warrior that will defeat their enemy.They forwarned the mage that the warrior would turn if he wasn't satifide with the results. The mage didn't care and so the spirits gave life to the warrior and warned him that the only thing that would destroy him is a weakness that is learned from the dead and is trancfered to the pure of light.He nods his head and begins playing with his toys until they all had become so scared of him and wanted him destroyed.

One night he went around with a battle axe, that he reseaved from the spirits,they told him he could steal souls and place them in the black crystal on the head, all he would have to do is kill the person with it, so with his soul stealer in hand he went around town then the realm taking heads and lives with it. It had become so powerful that no one could even touch the blade with out cutting themselves severly.

After all were killed in that realm he began to get bored, so he moved on controlling the people that wanted him to help in their battles. He would destroy thier enimies and then demand service from the people he just helped. They would refuse and he would take their lives. He repeated this for many years.

He doesn't know his age, all he knows is he is the cause of most of the worst battles in history each realm being different, he once went into this realm and a Mage teaches him a little magic and how to become the mist from which he was made from and amulet hangs from his neck and glows the darkest black inside the crystal.The mage gives him the power to use that black crystal and the black magic with in it. The evil spirits of that realm hear what the mage has done and hears what happened to the last hundered or so realms he had destroyed, they kill the mage and in revenge of the only person that had ever been nice to such a creature he took the spirits worshipers souls. Leaving no one to worship them again so they faded from existance. He searched this land and was confronted with a demon, the demon pissed because the warrior destroyed his masters had challanged the the evil warrior.The battle for the demon was a hard one even though he had lost, the demon yells out as he runs away,

"ye are of Pure Evil"

The warrior liked the insult that he kept it for his name. It matched how he was created and what he was created from. As he turned into the mist and traveled to the next realm where he reseaved his sword and crystal daggers after over throughing the king for the pessants. they paid him to leave. even though the payment made Pure Evil happy he craved the chaos and distruction of the realm so he met the mage there that gave him the ways to make potions to help him destroy anything in anyway he wishes. He made himself a band for his forarm to hold the vials of potions in and for easy use during battle.

He leaves that realm to return and destoy later. For many hundereds of years all he sought was chaos and distruction, taking maidens purity and then killing them,never once thinking of his future.Then he came apon the realm of The Rising (the first one not the second). Freely willing to cause the chaos he seeks, finding one woman of the same path that does not threaten him, she looks lonely for she can not have the phisical pleasures of a mans touch. knowing he does not exist but only in peoples minds he meets her with a kiss on her cheek trying to charm her in his evil ways.

She fallows the same path as he and has given him a perminit home with her. his feelings for the first time begin to change slightly.He still seeks chaos and distruction but also his new feeling for this Kirana Raven confuse him and almost weakens him.

Before getting together with Kirana, he killed Kallibus the twilight mage and half brother to the queen of Tranquility, Diamonique, only to find out that he made a mistake by doing so. The mage was more powerful than expected and was able to keep his spirit in the real world as everyone tried to save him.He remembers back to what the spirits had told him long ago. The dead will destroy him, so he asked his new lady,Kira, to give the trophy back and let him live once more

After time had passed he had fallen in love with this woman of dark.. He had taken a trip on his own to a realm long forgotten by him, where he had left the Ring of Ragroth.. Retreiving this artifact of his passed he ran into the towns peopel after several hundered years and they could not beleave that he was the original wearer of the chaotic ring..

When he went to retreave the ring it wasn't where he had left it but in the falls of light for that realm, the water falls were as pure light as Pure Evil is to himself.. They had weakened him and even almost killed him if his long lost pet hadn't pulled him away from there and made it back to the Keep.. he would have died..

After he got home to his beloved he showed her his ring and she showed him hers that she had made.. they placed them on the night stand to wait for the day they were to wed.. and that is where they had stayed until....

Untill the night Clerity Came and Kirana woke form her slumber, still deep a sleep a few feet away was PE.. Clerity killed Kirana and Soladati burned the remains and evidence so PE wouldn't knw about her death except one thing happened..

At this time he had his Mist Wolf,Shadow Baron, home with him, Shadow baron slept at the foot of he bed and was desturbed sometime during the even But Pe was still a sleep..When he finally awoke from his dreams again a faint smell of fire was inther air.. He then realized his dream had finally come true and he cried out knowing this..

Knowing what had transpired he got dress and walke dto the night stand and place the Ring of ragroth on his finger and the rign she had made him on the chain of his amulet, he and Shadow Baron stepped out side and with the mixture of his ring and his amulet he sent himself into an oblivian where he didn't have anything and he suspended himself there.. Not know the time nor where he was, just knowing he would never return to the mortal world with out his love there..

After a while had passed Pure went insane because of the ring and he feels a sence he hasn't felt in a long time, he knew somethign was coming, so he let himself out of the oblivian and back to the Keep.. Insane and wanting to hold his love again he waits patiently for her, after Clerity's hologram apeared and kirana showed up he was happy agains even though he was still insane..

Very shortly after a mage named Derahoc tried to kill her, in the proccess she was sent to a different realm in the gardens, where she still sits and PE waits patiently for her to deside if the threat on her life is over or not..

During this time he had put himself into meditation and duringthe proccess of him trying to find his problem the band onhis arm broke and shattered all his vials he was using at the time, the smoke from the vials mixed in with his mist to creat a much deadlier PE.

One day while ge was home alone still waiting for his love to come back from the gardens that Clerity had sent her too.. he gets ready to sleep alone again that night, he feels a desturbance in the realm near his home and he send Shadow Baron to ivestigate.. By this time many have heard of his home and have not evencome close to it, Shadow tells pe telepathically that it is a dwarf..

After a long battle and Pure Winning the memory control part, he leaves the dwarf to soak in what Pure had Planted inhis mind, he knows not what has happen to the dwarf sence and has not seen him yet..

Now he waits for his love o returna and wonders hwo much more time he can wait befor he lets his old ways return to him of not carign and causing as much chaos as possible in every realm he is in..

After an amount of time of waiting he grew tired fearing she would never return.. His eyes flared brightly as he growed underhis breath beleiving sahe had betrayed him and had stopped him from doing what he does best.. as he left the realm he went back to a castle that was given to him from a woman in a far off realm, one of many he had cheated on Kirana with..

This castle now has the link with PE where it will always appear in the same realm as PE is staying for an amoutnt of time that is longer then What the man wishes to be.. The castle now known as the Evil Castle has many secretes and no one knows them all so you wish not to find out..

He roamed the lands looking for one thing at the time, a simple woman to carry his seed and bare his child.. but it could never be just anywoman, one that had the darkness with in her, one that could bare the child of evil.. His minion Shadow Baron was out on the hunt for the same thing knowing PE would need this to continue his quest to conquer the worlds..

Shadow Baron had told Pure of a woman, sad and lonly do to a betrayal of her own. with Pures best actions he met with this woman, sadused her to the point where she wanted him even more then she had ever wanted.. the best part about this woman was she was pregnet.. by the time their meeting had ended pure almost loved this woman known as QuickSilver and he had implanted her with his seed that devoured the seed of Ryan Beowolf's DNA and replaced it with the great evilness that was Pure evil himself..

he had walked away leaving QuickSilver with a single ring that would protect her from her up coming son.. He left the realm knowing when the time comes he will return to see his son as a baby and judge the chances of him..

When he returned he was able to find his blood easily but when he did he say a different woman, it was nto quicksilver it was a woman of the light and one he would end up hating for her being of his weakness.. He almost fought her that day untill he rseen the blood ring on her finger the same blood ring that would protect her and he walked away knowing that they would meet once again...

Shortly after he had moved to a realm know for its evil ways and he started his next step, His son was born and soon enough his son woudl be in his costady where he will learn the true evil ways to live by and take his fathers place. Now it was time to gather minions to lead the mist minions into a great war.. He slowly started gainin ga few people and then fiunding out they would only betray him..

He was searchign the realm over one day and seen a woman in the town square, as he looked down form above the statue he senced his blood once again and lead the woman to the graves where they would battle hard against eachother.. his insanity is the only thing that had kept him going and he was about to finish the woman off, she was already dieing when her last words to him was how she loved him for their son but hated him for what he was.

Hearing her words caused him to almost instantly fall in love with the woman of light.. he pulled off his ring and fell to the ground letting her live, knowing their may be another battle between them over their son again,. as he pasted out he told her what he had felt for her just with in the moments of that time..

His ring fell to the ground as his bleeding body did, he really didnt want to live after that but knew he had to for his sons sake and for the sake of the mission. he gathered the strenth and stood up once again, healing his wounds and talking to GOrak about becoming a minion.. After that he desided to go and check up on Atlanta and his son jererd..

Up to now he just watches from afar hiding the secrete meeting with atlanta, growing warmer and beginign to want her as his wife and life long partner..

After time with her he finds himself changing, ihe is losing his power and in a way dieing form not being evil like he needs to be, one day while in her room he stares out te window and watches the lightening storm approach, and suddenly he is struck..

While he was carried in the skies for what seemed forever, he is approached by the one who created him, and gave him a choise, go back to the way he was ort die for nothing.. and when he was told of the upcomings if he stayed, he growls and the evilness slowly started returning.. his looks were changing back from the gentleman look he had, to the evilest one he could be..

The imagesd true or not were disturbing, his heart broke watching her destroy him like she was, so he choose and realized much more, his time was now, so he let the lightening carry him to its destination and his whole life flowed infront of him.. When he landed he voud to leave and never return and if she or his son comes for him it will be the last time either will live..

((In short if you are not of his weakness you will not win a battle with him easily..))

{Evil Realms} {Portal to Friends}