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{Evil Realms} {Portal to Friends}


Welcome to oblivian. this is where you will learn more about me,Pure Evil (my Character) and maybe even some of my friends characters.Even though I may not rp Much anymore, I would like too keep him alive to the extent of finishing somethign I started long ago when I created him.

The Links to other Realms

The links at the bottom of the page are Places I like to play and cause chaos and destruction.....

Profile of Pat


Hair: Brown

Race: Unknown (Human accually)

Height: 6 Foot 2 inches ( 6 foot 1 3/4 inches)

Ocupation: what ever I wish to do

Age: 24

Attire: Usually A muscle shirt/T-shirt and Jeans with Boots

Weapons: Have an arsonal called a bedroom. plenty of blades nothing worth being a true weapon.two katana's and a set of Nunchuks, I do most of my damage with my mind and hands..

Magic:Dark magic, portal controls and all that ( yeah yeah I know.. LMAO ))


I am able to solve most problems easily with little thought, I can also read people easily by only watching what they do on a normal basis..

Story Behind Pat

I am 25 years of age in september of this year 2005, I have 2 cats names Shadow and Princess.. Both are pains in the asses.. I live at home and unemployed right now, but Hopefully both will be fixed soon..

Because of surtain events in my life I hav pretty much given up being online allot, or spending time with anyone online.. I mostly just hang out and work out in my room.. I am single But I am really interested in a wonderful woman name Naia(( Not her real name but a promise is a promise.)) She is a great woman.. *smirks*

{Evil Realms} {Portal to Friends}

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