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Shadow Baron

Deadly Pet

Profile of Shadow Baron


Hair: Black (insolid form only)

Race: Demon Wolf

Height: 5 Foot 5 inches

Occupation: Personal assassin and pet of Pure Evil.

Age: Unknown

Attire: Black Fur with greyish mist flowing from it.

Weapons: Gee I wonder.. Claws, Teeth, wild strength, speed,

Magic: none


1) To become mist from which he was made
2) Can smell the path of someone
3) Inhanced of stregth and speed.. (( almost matches Pures))
4) Hand to hand combat
5) Able to show images to others just by staring in there eyes.
6) sense kindness and happyness to Anger and chaos.
7) a telepathic link to his master that no one can break, except Pure Evil.
8) Stealth inhanced from wild to beyond. Smarter tactics then a normal wolf.

Story Behind Shadow Baron

He was born in the woods of a far of land to a mother dearly her cubs. She taught them to hunt and the rules of the pack, The father of Shadow was the Alfa male of the group very proud of shadow.. He was born to the pack of timber wolves. Learned what he knew from both his mother and father.

When he was old enough he left the den and went with the hunting pack.. they heard the sounds of black powdered guns in the distance and they were checking to see how close they were, his father too head of the small pack and spotted the hunting party first.. Shadow being second behind his father still very small crouched low to the ground and watch the men in the distance not wanting to approach them.. another shot rang out and his father fell to shadows side.. shadow looking over and staring at the black limp body of his father he whimpered a little and nudged his fathers dead Body a little wanting him to move.. he looks over toward the men again and Growls deeply, ending it with a deep loud frightening howl. Showing he haws now gained the thrown to the pack and his eyes stared at the men as they continued to approach them. The men only seeing the small wolf ( stood maybe 2 foot 6 inches at the shoulders at the time) laughed a little and took aim shooting towards shadow.

Shadow jumped to his feet and snarled towards the men not realizing he had been hit by the bullet. He darts toward the men in V-line formation, the rest of the pack had already left, and Shadow was by himself, jumping up, Shadow tears out the first mans throat and spits it on to the ground, He stares at the rest of the men, growling deeply, the eerie sound rings through the mens mind and Shadow begins to pace back and forth through in front of the men. his eyes never leaving them. the men turn and run leaving the dead man behind. shadow looks at the dead body and smirks a little, not realizing he is having evil intentions.

He slowly walks back to his fathers limp body and notices the blood trail leaving the area still not aware of the bullet wound to his legs. He Grabs his father by the scarf of the neck and begins to drag him back to the rest of the pack.. Slowly losing energy with each step, but able to make it back safely.. Dropping his fathers body at the top of the ridge near his mothers Den, He throws his head back and lets out a morning Howl and then falls at his fathers side. his mother coming out of her little den looks towards the top of the ridge seeing the 2 bodies, she howls a warning and wanting help from the others, and the pack goes to the aid of the two downed wolves.

Feeling his neck being tugged on he whimpers a little and his mothers eyes dart to him, seeing the blood trail his leg has left, he rushes to his aid knowing her sons father was dead, she begins to clean the wound and tries to help in any manner she can.. letting him sleep, and hoping he will live she wonders what had happened, at least to her son./h3>

A few days had pasted when Shadow finally wakes up again his leg hurting but healing, he slowly looks up and sees the den empty. He slowly makes to his feet staggering slightly as he heads out of the den, looking out their he sees the pack all together, his eyes bolt towards the one that seems to think he is the new Alfa male of the pack, shadow slowly makes his way out of the den and throws his head back into a dominate howl ending it with a growl while his eyes train on the old wolf thinking of his dominates of the pack.

In a challenging look the other wolf Throws his head back and gives a week howl. Angered from his howl, he darts towards the wounded Shadow wanting to challenge him physically, shadow jumps into the air and over the wolf landing on his bad leg and all turning with out feeling and darts for the wolfs throat fast, accepting the wolf's challenge and pinning him all at once. Shadows speed and agility saprize even the healthy wolf. Shadows teeth clinch the wolfs neck and lightly squeezes showing a slight weakness in him, showing compassion for the wolf and showing his life is still valued amongst the rest of the pack. and he releases showing the pack that he is willing to safe life or destroy it.

A few year shad pasted and Shadow had his share of scars.. He began to look more and more like the black limp body he remembers that one day, even the pack thought it was the old Alfa at times. the gun shots would be heard many times through the years, and each time a wolf would fall. But for each time a wolf would fall 2 more puppies replaced them. Until one fateful day. No shots heard in the distance, a heavy snow the night before. Shadow left early in the morning, went towards some near by cliffs to watch the valley’s edge to watch the food migrate and to see where his pack will hunt soon. soon time passed fast and he was a waken by the gun shots again, day light this time, but the area where the shots were heard were near his packs homes. His head darts into that direction as he hears another. His eyes become filled with hate and flash Crimson slightly. He darts to his feet and sprints as fast as his feet will take him back home, covered in blood of his family, his sons, daughters, Aunts, uncles, brothers ,sisters. One body remains still breathing slightly, His Mother laying close to her den protecting one puppy, that still lives. with out thinking he takes the cub and darts to a rival pack, who has had the similar problems with these hunters, A Grey wolf couldn't possibly be raised among the greys, but Shadow had no choice but to ask and offer his life to the revenge of his family. After dropping the cub and watching as a mother wolf came and agreed to care for it.

Shadows feet turns him fast and back towards the trail of human foot steps and the bloody trail his family left behind, his feet fast runs down the trail, until he is able to smell the fire from the hunters camp.

He darts into the surrounding woods, keeping his eyes on the area as he spot the camp and listens to the laughter coming from with in it. He sprints towards it and runs directly at who he thought to be the leader of the human pack, and attacked killing him instantly. his eyes dart to each of the 12 remaining living being, watching each ones movement and tasting their fear. all But one. a big man still laughing at what had just happened and saying something to the others, watching as they all seem to reach for their guns with the intention of killing the wolf. With each ones movement he darts to them and either killing them or seriously injuring their hands, as gun shots ring though the forest. Him being hit only once out of all the bullets. He whimpers as he is hit, but his adrenaline running through hi veins hard enough his eyes train onto the big man. His teeth show and he snarls toward him, but before he could attack the big man whistles and says something about finding the wolf they were looking for and shadow is tackled, and captured, the men patch him up and cage him. carrying him towards the nearest village. Shadow stays asleep for about a week, before waking to find him self relocated.

He jumps to his feet dizzy from the drugs pumped into him, to sedate him, and he falls as he watches the man he had seen once but couldn't remember from where. passing out again e feels himself being moved once again but not being able to see for a time he couldn't open his eyes to find out where he was going. the voice sounds familiar, but he still has yet to place it.

A couple days pass and he is able to open his eye, a man voice un heared to his ears yells something as shadow regains his sight, and he hears the laughing he once heard many years before when his father was killed. Reconizing it fast he jumps to his feet and looks towards the man. The big man that was laughing before, Shadow must have been so blinded by the rage of his family and pack being dead he didn't realize it was one of the men that was there when his father was killed.. he darts towards the big man and chokes on the chain he is on, the man looking a little worried as Shadow not letting the tension in the think chain, yet the wolf continues to nudge forward slowly feeling the wood that is on the other side of the chain start to give way and timing it just right he jumps tackling the man, and scratching and biting at him.. leaving deep gapping wounds amongst the mans face and neck, feeling the man reaching up at him, Shadow begins to rip of the mans fingers with bites so powerful that it seems that would break concrete. pulling back slowly from the man snarling he lets the man live knowing the damage he has caused the man would cause him problems for the rest the man life.

The main guy there was a wizard old and fraile.. was no chalange for the wolf except that the wolf felt no need to attack the man. Confused he never found out why.. The man would send the wolf out on missions of death for him.. Shadow became an assassin for him, bringing peices of the body back or valuables to prove the death of the person. his life seemed to be ran just by these mans thoughts.. Trhe wolf would do almost what ever the man wished.. he never did get to see the puppy he saved grow up.

Years pasted and every time the master wanted something evil or dasterdly done the wolf had done it untill one grave day.. the Wolf hunting for his master ran into a mysterious man, Tall white male, always dressed in black, never letting anyone close to him... The wolf fallowed the man around for a period of a week watchinghim, his evil deeds always being fullfilled in one way or another.. his thoughts lie on the man and the wizard watched the wolf's progress.. One day durring the week the man and the wolf happen to be face to face.. the wolf only stood to the mans waist.. his eyes glared at the man and the man growled loudly towards the wolf.. Shadows master at the time summond this mans death.. Shadow baron attack, lauching up to the mans throat, the man some how managed to turn into a mist type form, and the wolf flies through him.. the mans angered at the attack with draws his sword and slices downword, cutting the wolf open across his neck.. the wolf bleeding seriously opens a portal and leaps into it, headin home for recovery, but the man was fast enough to fallow Shadow into the portyal and attack shadows master.

Falling to the ground a deep growl and a soft whimper escaped the wolf's lips his master now dead, the wolf feels himself slipping into a darkness. Knowing his deeds would never take him to the place he ancestors were taken too. he knows his soul will rest in hell for the rest of its imortal existance..

Seems like an eternaty when one day he was summond from the underworld, not knowing what it was summoning him, but he tasted the blood on his lips of what he wanted, the full evilness in the realms he crossed while he was there just in his grasp.. Always wanting it to happen.. As he materialized the man that murdered him and his previous master was standing there.. But Shadow felt different, he was taller, his shoulders hit the mans chest at the least, he felt almost as if he could walk through walls or no blade could touch him again, a strong tellipathic link was with the man that Summond him, he could hear the voise of Pure Evil in his mind, asking for Shadow to join him on his quest for total chaos and distruction.. Agreeing Shadow became loyal only to that man.. never understanding why he was choosen for this possition, but the only thing on Shadows mind was to make this man happy and give him what he wants..

Terror formed with the 2 for centeries, the 2 accomplished chaos in many realms and that was always fallowed by destruction.. In one realm Pure Evil found the ring.. Shadow never understanding the ring was always by his masters side even as he went insane.. not thinking straight.. They ending up fighting again,, against eachother.. this time the large wolfe was able to take the ring form his masters hand and almost as soon as that happened PE realized the power int he ring and went to hide it, asking his loyal pet to watch over it for a while.. So Shadow stayed behoind and watched over the realm with the ring in it, and always knew when it was moved, his telepatic link was broke by PE for a while so the changes were totally unknown to PE, untill he came back for it.. That was when they were reunited and he found a second loyalty, Kirana raven..

this is where he is now, watching and hunting for his master and his mistress. always hoping to please them both..


Just like PE, Except slightly inferior to the same rule applies..

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