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Story of The Ring

*He awakens with a grin on his lips, he looks down to see his love laying next to him. His dreams tell him the future so he must now leave her for a short period of time. He attemps to slide from under her head, and stands up.Dressing he prepares for his journey to find the Ring of Ragroth. This ring is one with great power and can call apon the chaos winds. This dark worrior had hidden it along time before he met his love. It was laying with in a temple of a realm he choose not to distroy fully. He looks down at his love as he sheaths his sword. Seeing the blade he had given her just a short time ago, he touches the blade cutting himself as his Amulet glows and then leaving it for her to use. Not relizing weather or not she is awaken by his distance he turns toward the door.*

*He walks out the door and through the long hall at the bottom of the steps. As he exits their home he pets the 2 gaurds and makes his way to the river, he waits for the boat man to come and watches the river pass by him. The river fairy ports and he climb aboard reaching into his left boot pulling out a small bag of gold and handing it to the dead man. After they cross the river the warrior finds his way back to where he came into this realm. Noting the portal he used was still open he climbs through to the realm, he almost destroyed and leaving the ring there. The time there has passed much faster then where he lives now. It has been over 500 years, by their calender sence Pure Evil was even there. He walks into town noting the sign saying*

Welcome to Hyack the place where everything is peaceful.

Not for long

*then he rubs his amulet, now anyone that gets within sword range of him becomes Hostile and crazy for the taste of blood. One man walks up to Pure and wants to fight him. Not even looking at the man Pure Evil grabs his throat and rips out his jugular. Laughing he walks to the entereance of the pub. Knowing he can get answers about what he searches for. He makes his enterance as he usually would, feeling the room with mist and taking his seat for near the bar. He orders his drink and asks the Bar keeper*

Have you heard of The Ring of Ragroth before m'lord?

* The bar keeper stops for a minute and stares at the dark man and begins to laugh he anounces to the tavern*

Look who we got here, another man looking for the fairy tale ring of ours.

*Everyone in the room begins to laugh. Pure Evil grows inpatient and stands up grabbing the bar keeper by the throat, lifting him off the ground and pulling him to the same side of the bar that he is on. He stares the man in the eye as the man gasp for air. The warrior yells at him*


*the bar keeper and the room grows silents. The warriors amulet glows once more barcading the door with a dence mist that no one can escape. The warrior yells once more*

I want to know where it is right now. I left 500 years ago. I don't sence it near the temple near the edge of town. I will not leave this place until someone tells me where it is.

*the bar keeper atempts to struggle free, but Pure Evil snaps his neck and throws him over the bar so no one will see him again. Another man runs up behind the dark one and grasps his shoulder. without looking Pure breaks the mans arm ripping it out of its socket and shuving it down the mans throat.Seeing the fear grow rappidly he also sees a pregnet woman in the corner of the bar with three men. She dares not look up at him as he gets close. He can hear her heart beat and smell her fear flow through the air. He reaches into his sleeve and pulls a vile out smashing it between two of the men. Turning them against eachother. The third man stands as the dark lord gets closer. thinking he can stop what is about to happen he steps in the way only to be thrown out of the way. He gets up to the woman and pulls her hair to get her to stand. He turns her around and smells her neck. He then pulls out his dagger hidden behind him and lays it brode side on her stomack as he whispers into her ear*

I know you have at least heard the story. And I know the child with in you isn't your husbands. So if you tell me the right answers to my question then I will let you live and i wont cut this creature out of you.

*The woman scared out of her mind begins to talk. the man sheathes his weapon setting her back down only to sit next to her. Her words are a harmony to his ears*

The ring was found about 250 years ago in the temple you talk about. The preists there knew who was the man to leave it and they knew the power within it. So they took it to a cave hidden by a waterfall of light called Ikarrans falls. It is at the top of the mountain Vizhak. The falls are located about a mile north of the lake called Ragg'hia. That is where you will find your treasure now please sir do not say anything to my husband about my cheating ways.

*The man looks into her eyes and says*

That wasn't in the deal. I said I would let you live and possibly let your child grow. I never said that I wouldn't tell your husband.

*He stares at the man that he had thrown across the room who had already heared what she had said and anger feels his face. The dark Lord knows when he has done his job and he departs the building. Knowing he has a long trip up the high mountain to the lake, he stops at the store. The clerk looks a little raggety but bright eyed. he asks*

I am Krindar, how may I help you?

*The dark creature stares into the mans eyes with his glowing bright and says*

I need saplies to climb Mount Vizhak.

*The clerk is more than happy to help and gives the warrior anything he wants. The warrior nod his head in thx and walks out. He heads east toward the mountain. Taking his Mist shape for faster travel and easier manuvering. He reaches the base of it and stares up to the top. It looks like it is about 3 mile straight up.Seeing it is getting dark and the dark mans has had alot of excitment for one day he lays down near a tree and closes his eyes, resting he hears howling in the distance. Remembering his old pet he grins a little bit. It was a demon wolf. A wolf figure but in a misty form.Later on that night he hears a growl from behind him.He turns his head to see what it was.He sees the old pet he had left to gaurd the ring. Aparently he had failed but the master did not care. He whistles and the wolf comes to him knowing who he is. The 2 have been reunited.The warrior and his pet make it an early day and start up the mountain.. The teran is rough but easy to climb. As they get further from civilization they can here the creek form in the distance. They can see the the lake apear in the distance. Pure turns into his Black mist as his wolf turns into his grey mist they play a little in their mist form and rush to the lake. Turning north they hear the water fall in the distance. As they get closer it begin to get painfull for Pure Evil to get close. He takes his solid form and walks the last quarter mile. seeing the Light shine bright with in the falls he looks down into the pool seeing he isn't in his full solid form. He begins to decompile. He hurry's and goes behind the falls, find in the cave easily. He walks in slow and alert but fast. He looks around and then he spots a light, the black light that beams from the ring. He is almost totaly into his mist form when her reaches it. His pet stayed outside to ensure that no one would enter while his master did this.As the light beams onto the almost total mist it regenerate him back to normal with the evil and hatred hidden with in it.The dark lord is back to his solid shape again but is still very weak from the torcher of the pure light around him. He just love his dark passion so much he is willing to die for her. The ring is a sight for sore eyes. It is made of an unknown metal and had a black opal centered apon the top, the opal is what contains the magic of harnessing the chaos winds. There is an inscribtion on the outside of the band. it is writen in a language long forgotten except for few that live in the time it was made. it reads*

'whom ever wears this ring shall have the ultimate power'

*the dark warrior slide the ring on his pinky finger and begins to leave the cave. Reaching out side in his weakened state he reaches up to his amulet and rubs it softly, it begins to glow. He and his returned friend are portaled home, back to the keeps steps at the enterance. he barly makes it up to the steps his pet crawls under the weakened lord and pulls him to the other set of stairs. where Pure Evil slowly climbs them barly reaching the doors. He opens the doors to the bed chamber and walks in.. Wobbling from over exaustion and the light still burning his skin. He gets close to his love and colapses in front of her but not until after he has taken the ring off his finger. After his hand hits the floor it opens revealing the ring to her.*

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