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{Evil Realms} {Portal to Friends}

Dark Raven

Dark Raven

Cerebril Assassin

Profile of Dark Raven

Eyes:Blood shot red, otherwise hazel

Hair: Midnight BlacK

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Height: 6 Foot

Ocupation: Musician before his death/ Assasin after his death

Age: 28 when he died

Attire: Skin tight Black Leather Pants,Skin tight Black spandex/leather shirt, Black leather boots,Black Leather straps around his wrists and hands, Face is panted like a mime.

Weapons: A Long knife, Black handle, and a dark blade, he has it hidden on his body. A raven familiar, his main weakness to turn him mortal once again. Whatever weapons he chooses to use that is in the location of his battle, (including his enimies). and his own body.

Magic: Only magic he has is with in his raven to keep his imortality. massive healling abilities.


1) Healing power beyond any mortal.
2) can see whoever he wishes through the ravens eyes.
3) Fighting Skills beyond most other peaple on earth.
4) Able to eading psycic information left in the object or mind.

Story Behind Dark Raven

Just becoming a success in music/telling stories he and his new wife were walking through the woods as bandits came and attacked them. They made him watch as the beat her and killed her, then they hung a tree near her body. He was found the next day by some Kids that were playing in the forest. The kids told their folks and their parents came to inspect what had happened. They pulled him down off the tree and barried him and his wife next to each other near the tree, using the tree as their tomb stone. No one in the area knew exactly who they were so they never had their names inscripted into the tomb. Within hours of being married everyone in the realm had heard about the murders even the men that did it. The men laughed and continued on.

One day about 5 years later one of the teens that was their told his teacher about that day and the teacher knew a wizard newby that was looking for souls to intrap. so he perform a reserection on the two. the male turned into his assasin as the female turned into the wizard personal toy. They both had ravens that kept ahold of their souls for the wizard. The wizard let the man gain his vengance on each of the men that happen to do that to him in return the wizard wanted the man to do his bidding. For many years Dark Raven Killed and plundered for the wizard. One thing every one that seen this man also seen was the raven.

Stories are told of a man that walks and speaks but can not be hurt. In every story they say they seen the raven before the man would attack.

One Day the man came home and seen what the wizard made of his wife. With anger the man walks out and begins to plan his escape. That night he goes to his wife and tells her it is time for them to break free of the wizard. She stared into his eyes and began to cry. She started to explain what the wizard had told her. Some say the story was about the couples distruction. Others say she didn't want to leave but the only one that knows the truth is Dark Raven, and he has never uttered the words spoken to him that night. He mareched into the wizards chambers and confronted the wizard. With anger from both men, magic started flying and Dark Raven dodged most of what was thrown at him, the a fire ball hit his leg and he fell. The wizard Started taking aim for the final blow taking both the raven and the man out, no sooner then the wizard releasing the magic bolt, did Dark Ravens wife step in front of Raven to protect him. The Bolt took out Both the woman and the Raven killing her instantly. The wizard so suprised by the suddeness of the woman, he ran to her and started holding her close to his body. Dark raven watching this, and seeng his wife die once again he stares down the wizard and with out a second thought he kicked the wizard inthe face breaking his nose. Dark Raven mannaged to stagger up onto his feet and stare down the wizard. With a final blow Dark Raven crushes the wizarder skull.

To this day he doesn't really know what is going on and at times he evenlongs for his final day,minute and second.

{Evil Realms} {Portal to Friends}